Due to its light weight the Electric Shock requires a very specific power set up to achieve maximum performance.

To avoid CG problems and non-optimal flight performance, we have worked out a complete set up packages.

The Deluxe Combo includes EVERYTHING you need to get the model flying, except your transmitter and a sub micro receiver.

The standard price of Deluxe package items would have sum up to $496.25AUD – However when buying those items as a COMBO you are saving over $60!

Included in the package are the followings:  

  • Electric Shock ARF at the colour of your choice

  • PA 11.1V 1000mAh 15-20C pack 

  • PA Quantum 18A brushless Electronic Speed Controller. Our ESC allows excellent smooth linear throttle range, high efficiency and it is fully programmable. 

  • PA Thrust 10 Brushless Motor – After numerous tests we established the requirements of power and weight required for the Electric Shock and produced a motor that meets this exact requirements. Our Thrust 10 motor provides power-to-weight ratio for Extreme 3D. The thrust created from this 47g powerful motor with an APC 10x4.7SF prop exceed 900g. 

  • Set of original Dean Ultra plugs for the battery to the ESC

  • 4 Sub micro servos (Voltec 60BB) These servos offer high torque (1.2kg), high speed (0.10 sec) and are very light weight (only 6.6g including the connector and the wire). Other servos are heavier and may offer the same torque at lower speed. Keep in mind that each gram counts when considering the all up weight of the model.  

  • 10x3.8 SF APC prop -After testing many options we found the APC 10x3.8 SF to be the best choice for this plane. We recommend balancing the propeller for best performance.

  • German made prop adapter – Our adapters are German made CNC machined.

  • Carbon fiber long servo arms - pack of 4.

    Get the most out of your airplane!  If your airplane features extremely large control surfaces, the load on the servos will flex the plastic spline. To get the full movement and maximum throws we offer a set of extension servo arms which are easily installed on top of the supplied servo arms. The carbon fiber arms are stiff and will not flex, allowing you to get the most out of your airplane! 

    When buying a Precision Aerobatics keep in mind that you will need those servo arms for correct linkages geometry as intended in the design.


    • Set of 4 servo arms
    • Snap installation
    • No glue required
    • Total weight including hardware 0.4g only!
    • Best solution for maximum throw in 3D funfly models
    • CF woven awesome look!
    • Can be used on sub micro and micro servos
    • Hardware and instruction are included
    • Accurately CNC machined in our facility